We’re actually very sorry for not posting too much, the last weeks. We were busy with Christmas & New Years Eve. Mianhae~

I’ll do everything that is in the ask box now. 

Oh & don’t forget to tell me something pervy ;)

Merry Christmas my pervs~

Anonymous said:

Not a confession, but a video involving B1A4 look alikes (NSFW)... xtube{.}com/watch{.}php?v=Ktb4e-G260- Is it me or does this guy look like pre-debut Sandul or even perhaps pre-debut CNU? Could this be the video someone has seen and confessed to? O.o


No confessions? The ask is empty since almost a week :(

C’mon Banas!

yaoisouthkor said:

WAHHH even with dirty confessions, I find BANA imagination sooo cute. AIGOOO~ I haven't got any dirtydreams about them, but I think I'll have one tonight. >:)) ANyways, Daebak admin/s~ keep it up!!! :D :D Support support~ Kekeke~

We’ll keep it up. :D Thank you for supporting us. <3 

Send in some confessions :)